I would think that you as a conservative would wants the troops home, bases closed and military spending reduced. After all that stuff is "big government" which you disdain so much.;-)

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Funny thing is... we had it won by 2008. We had an Iraqi army in training... yes training and relative calm and order established when our *Dear One* decided that He needed to fulfill his campaign promise to bring the troops home, before the Iraqis were really ready. Now we're in this current situation that Bush and everyone else warned would happen if we left prematurely. How long would we have needed to stay? Who knows? We still have troops in Duetschland and Japan and they aren't seen as occupiers but as allies. Four thousand lives, hundreds of thousands of minds and limbs, trillions of dollars, and hopes for a stabilizing force for peace in a region, flushed down the toilet for a campaign promise and now we may be need to return and do it all again or face a worse situation. Did you notice, barely mentioned in the news, that the troops are not coming home from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, as promised? Yes, now they're staying... indefinitely. Surprise surprise!

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You know that sign in gift shops, "you break it, you buy it"? Same thing applies here - We own the mess. I was a little naive about our intentions in Iraq when we went in the first time, but after I saw the deliberate sacking of their national museum, and have recognized since that we were solely protecting our interests, their culture be damned. This being the case, we will only attract those who need work, into the Iraqi army, not those who truly want to defend their country. Remember "Vietnamization", where we trained a similar army in S. Vietnam, to fight their own battles? The country was overrun in a couple of years. Same thing will happen in Iraq, if we don't land troops again. What a mess.

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Entrenched corruption in the Iraqi military is undermining the fight against the Islamic State. This is the downside in relying on a questionable army to carry out the task of suppressing the Islamists. If conditions get worse, US troops may end up fighting in Iraq again.

In the meantime, Iran is secretly working on acquiring Iraq if things fall apart.


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