IMO, Iraq and Syria have become a world problem.  We now have seen the threat 
of the Islamist State if they took over the land.  IS will massacre innocent 
people who won't submit to their beliefs within their dominion.  IS will 
continue to usurp power and lands win the Middle East.  If and when they 
succeed,  the European countries and the USA will be next in their agenda.


 My recommendation would be have an international force, particularly those 
from Arab countries, to eliminate IS, maintain peace and stabilize Iraq and 
Syria.  Also, it would be necessary to let the governments be truly democratic 
that will fairly distribute the power and wealth to all people, including the 
various ethnic minorities in those lands.

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 You know that sign in gift shops, "you break it, you buy it"? Same thing 
applies here - We own the mess. I was a little naive about our intentions in 
Iraq when we went in the first time, but after I saw the deliberate sacking of 
their national museum, and have recognized since that we were solely protecting 
our interests, their culture be damned. This being the case, we will only 
attract those who need work, into the Iraqi army, not those who truly want to 
defend their country. Remember "Vietnamization", where we trained a similar 
army in S. Vietnam, to fight their own battles? The country was overrun in a 
couple of years. Same thing will happen in Iraq, if we don't land troops again. 
What a mess.

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 Entrenched corruption in the Iraqi military is undermining the fight against 
the Islamic State.  This is the downside in relying on a questionable army to 
carry out the task of suppressing the Islamists.  If conditions get worse, US 
troops may end up fighting in Iraq again.

 In the meantime, Iran is secretly working on acquiring Iraq if things fall 


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