As pointed out by several posters here, only the Turq believes Fleetwood posted 
as "enlightened dawn". The truth of the matter is that anyone claiming 
enlightenment from TM shakes the Turq's core belief : If I didn't make it no 
one else can. He choose to forget that his shot at it was half-hearted and 
lasted only a few years. When someone like Fleetwood comes along he is reminded 
of a wasted life and as we can see in almost every post here these days, 
becomes so angry he makes things up to the degree he believes in it. 
 Instead of angry at Fleetwood and Richard reminding this poor fellow of his 
wasted life he should be grateful. Though 70 years old he could still pick up 
his mantra and make something useful out of his remaining years. 


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 The only sense that I can make of it is that Jim had a total mental breakdown 
during that period, and actually believed he *was* a woman. >
 Maybe it's time for you to just keep your big pie hole shut about Jim. Almost 
everyone on this forum is pretty fed up with your phoney bullshit, Barry. Do I 
make myself clear?
 "Over the years, I saw him levitate, as in sitting in lotus and just lifting 
up off the chair and hovering there in midair for minutes at a time, sometimes 
telling a joke the whole time.  Or in the desert, he'd just step up off the 
sand and onto a "staircase" that wasn't there, and just climb up and down it 
for a while, several feet above the ground." - Barry Wright

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