That's great Barry, but inquiring minds want to know if that ranks higher or 
lower than having your 20 year effort pay off by finally getting a comment by 
Doug Hamilton posted on some obscure online zine. 

 But really, I'm happy for you.

 A real feather in your cap.

 And an odd twist on the usual "find something negative in the world, and tie 
it to TM or FFL"

 You found something "positive" that happened to you,and then made the 
obligatory negative TM connection.  (-:

 ---In, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :


   Speaking of autographs, I was somewhat subdued in my FFL posting yesterday 
because I was still savoring the discovery that I got mentioned by name in 
Bruce Cockburn's new memoir "Rumours Of Glory." It's just one paragraph 
recalling a time we met briefly in Toronto, but it was good to know that he'd 
actually read the piece I wrote it up in, and remembered it. For a Cockburn fan 
that's like 15 seconds were added to my lifetime 15 minutes of fame, so I 
understand the butt-bouncers' desire to have someone pat them on the back and 
say, "Hey...great job saving the world!"   :-)



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