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 The Maharishi Effect has always, at least in the theoretical discussions, been 
a "big numbers" effect that requires statistical analysis to catch.

 It's rubbish in other words.

 I was going to insert an edit and change the last word of Lawson's sentence 
from "catch" to "fake."  :-)

 It's still a weird moment when I run into someone who actually seems to 
believe in the ME. It's like encountering an actual person who believes that 
the earth is only a few thousand years old -- part of me is repulsed, like when 
you see the geek in a traveling carnival show, but another part is so astounded 
that someone can possibly believe this stuff that I can't look away. 


 People must be really, really desperate for attention to still be seeking 
"credit" for saving the world by bouncing on their butts. It's as if they're 
hoping someday their groupie status will be so big people will ask for their 


 Speaking of autographs, I was somewhat subdued in my FFL posting yesterday 
because I was still savoring the discovery that I got mentioned by name in 
Bruce Cockburn's new memoir "Rumours Of Glory." It's just one paragraph 
recalling a time we met briefly in Toronto, but it was good to know that he'd 
actually read the piece I wrote it up in, and remembered it. For a Cockburn fan 
that's like 15 seconds were added to my lifetime 15 minutes of fame, so I 
understand the butt-bouncers' desire to have someone pat them on the back and 
say, "Hey...great job saving the world!"   :-)

 So you admit you're a common celebrity hound after all. That's a step in the 
right direction.



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