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   It sounds as if this is exactly the journal to which Lawson should submit 
his ME research that "requires statistical analysis to catch."  Instead of 
repeating the phrase that these authors submitted, the TMO could write a paper 
that consists entirely of: 
 "All you have to do is click your butt cheeks together three times and say 
'There's no place like OM...there's no place like OM.'" Add this graphic, and 
you're sure to get published:

 You've got some nerve talking to Lawson like that after publishing that Road 
Trip Mind journal!
 So, I wonder what was going on in Barry's mind  when he witnessed Fred "move 
the fucking stars around." If any normal person would have witnessed something 
like that they would probably not have been able to click their but cheeks 
together - and would have shit their pants (if they had any on). Go figure.

 Anyone with half a brain would realize they were all slipped the same drug or 
were subject to the same group hypnosis/hysteria. That is all fine but the only 
thing of import around Rama seems to be the suggestibility of his followers. 
They all seemed to have been sheep-like and of the same mind set. Rama 
obviously knew how to get into their brains and do what he liked with them. 
Very scary actually. Glad I never stumbled into the guy - I would have run for 
the hills.
 "I've seen him -- so help me -- move the fucking stars around in the sky, 
shift whole constellations, draw smiley faces with them.  That's a real corker 
to digest, because you know that physically they weren't moving around, at 
least in this dimension, or a bunch of astronomers would've had a hissy fit.  
Yet they moved around.  I saw it, and hundreds of other students saw it." - 
Barry Wright
 http://imgur.com/r/thick/IfmCkur http://imgur.com/r/thick/IfmCkur


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