Thank you, all well-meaning ones! I appreciate your concern my way.


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> Odd thing - Although I am immeasurably indebted to Maharishi for bringing
> out the knowledge, to basically "reverse the trends of time", as he so
> aptly put it, my devotion and the natural direction of my heart, always
> goes to SBS. On the one hand, overflowing gratitude to Maharishi, but the
> overflowing love always flows to Guru Dev. Not that I ever think twice
> about it. :-)
> Welcome Tormod, I am 1/8 Norwegian (paternal grandmother was 1/2), though
> have not yet visited there, in this lifetime. I was pleasantly surprised to
> read recently that Norway is the wealthiest country in the world - No
> wonder TM is so popular there.
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> Hello Tormod, you seem to be a reasonable fellow. Please note that my
> comment was not directed at you specifically but rather in the direction of
> Paul Mason based on a comment Maharishi made some years ago that in the
> future some will try to sow discontent and doubts by trying to convince
> people of how devoted they are to Guru Dev. Their ultimate motifs could be
> to weaken the practice of meditation amongst TM'ers. It's something to keep
> in mind, nothing to be overly concerned about.
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> Hei (Norwegian greeting),
> Thanks!
> I have no idea of Nabby's identity, and may not try to find out either.
> Now, there is one more thing - Maharishi did a lot to keep the TM movement
> rolling, and TM surely helps a lot. I am glad that much research has
> confirmed it. I have a lot to be grateful for - my life, too, I can tell.
> Loving greetings,
> --
> Tormod Kinnes

Tormod Kinnes
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