Yes, polyamory is basically there, to take care of lust. Humans, though, do 
themselves a disservice getting addicted to it. Part of Barry's many problems, 
is that he never made the transition, from lust, to intimacy (which 
incorporates plenty of lust), and doesn't understand the difference - hence, no 
long-term relationships for him, ever. I doubt he has even lived with a woman 
for longer than a year, during his entire adult life. He just doesn't get it. 
---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 I have to say that it appears to me that the central tenant of polyamory, is 
that I am going to fuck who I want, when I want, and if it bothers you, then 
you had best get over it, or used to it. 

 Now, along with that you may try to carve out a life with others with whom you 
get along with reasonably well, at least for the moment, but the 
relationship(s) are always subject to "I reserve the right to bring home anyone 
with whom I wish to have sex".

 And it also seems that you can be voted off the island at anytime.

 I'm not sensing a lot of happiness in that arrangement.

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 ---In, <fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 Search Facebook Accounts?? Are you hallucinating, too? I despise Facebook, and 
would NEVER have an account on there. That site is for overgrown pimply 
teenagers like yourself, imo. 

 I found your pictures, in five seconds, with the following search string on 

 "Barry Wright Leiden polyamory"

 Try it.:-) :-) :-)

 Yes, interesting. It turns out the "lampshade" is a paper hat on his head. 
Some insights into bawee's life here; he seems nicer when not at FFL. I wonder 
why that is? The whole subject of polyamory is interesting. Reading about the 
"dad" in the family I wonder how willing he would be to share his daughter Maya 
with outside families - allow her to live and be loved and "kept"  and 
nourished/raised by other households in the same way he is willing to allow his 
lovers the same freedoms. He does say that Maya especially is the light of his 
life, his main love so I would have to wonder if he wouldn't want to hold her 
much closer to himself in every way, but only he could tell us that. 

 I have lots of ideas about polyamory and I know it has been sort of discussed 
here but bawee, as usual, was criticizing and abusing anyone who had qualms 
about it. Maybe because he doesn't read 90% of the posters here we could have a 
civilized discussion about it now.






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