Yes, it is! I was watching my experience more closely, wrt this Support Of 
Nature: Just as we learn more and more through Yogic science, about the 
interconnectedness, and almost incredible complexity, of each of our internal 
organs, the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and brain, etc., such an 
interconnected and vastly complex integration, takes place, both inside our 
physical form, and outside, in our world.  

 By establishing oneself in Being, pure awareness, we gain the ability for a 
direct relationship, with the great host of celestial beings, bringing the 
world into harmony, for the fulfillment of our desires. Nature can for the 
first time, hear us directly. If one is not established in Being, the desires 
don't reach out very far, and a great deal of work and doubt will be necessary, 
to even have a chance of fulfillment - exhausting. 

 This is why enlightenment is the birthright of every human being, to lift them 
out of struggling, into a world than fulfills their desires, every time.
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 Maharishi pointed this benefit out in his Science of Creative Intelligence as 
a benefit from cultivating meditation. All the sages have in their turn through 
the ages from their experience point this out. Quite evidently is as a 
scientific observation that is replicated in experience when you get there. It 
is really quite wonderful as a benefit.
 Jai Guru Dev,
 Yes, it is called support of Nature as it comes to happen in spiritual life. 
It is a huge benefit of spiritual practice. Though is not really a new 
definition.  It's a support like greasing the skids of life.  It is pretty 
 -Buck in the Dome  


 Fleetwood observes: 
 “..who, had they ANY sense at all, would be doing [a] TM, instead of trying to 
see how many angels can dance on the head of a pin."


fleetwood_macncheese wrote :

 Yes, this is what angers and frustrates those in the waking state. They are 
ego bound, and yet feel stupid and inadequate, in the presence of someone 
enlightened. You can watch the results as we speak. Quite a show, and a 
huuuuuge waste of time for these beginners, who, had they ANY sense at all, 
would be doing TM, instead of trying to see how many angels can dance on the 
head of a pin. Not that I mind. :-)

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 Whereas the Movement never would "out" an enlightened individual, there are 
many souls popping these days. How do you verify another persons enlightenment 
? You don't because you can't. Maharishi was asked this question and he 
answered that the person have to be enlightened himself to recognize 
enlightenment in the other. So all the beginners here at FFL; don't even try.
 "It is said that Lord Buddha brought 500 people to enlightenment. I think we 
will do better"
 His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

 Okay, so now we're getting somewhere. I think this must be true. Only an 
enlightened person would recognize enlightenment in another. "It takes one to 
know one." Who woulda thought.




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