Very interesting about this brouhaha, being focused almost exclusively, on 
race. Whoever dreamt that up was an evil genius; divide and conquer. Here is a 
criminal, who has been shot during an altercation, by a policeman. No one 
examines the reason this kid was hell bent on a life of crime, as in no other 
real choice in his world. In addition, no one examines the correlation between 
putting oneself at risk (by punching a cop), and the result (harm or death).  

 Nope, the media continues to drive the wedge between the common policeman, and 
the criminal, on the basis of race, allowing the hidden dynamics to continue, 
that bring about such tragedies. 

 So, the result is a bunch of poor people further destroying their 
neighborhood, instead of working for economic and social justice. I wonder how 
long it will take, for this to repeat itself, someplace else?

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 My absolute favorite bit in this was between minute 7 and 8 where Jon tells 
how a black man in Ferguson was beat by 4 cops and then charged with getting 
his blood on their uniforms. Spoiler alert: Jon shows a picture of tanks in 
Ferguson and says: They can afford tanks but they can't afford Tide sticks?!

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 Taped back in August of this year.

 The Daily Show - Race/Off
 The Daily Show - Race/Off The 
shooting of an unarmed black teenager by the police in Ferguson, Missouri, 
strikes a racial nerve in the U.S., but Fox News manages to remain color...

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