Yes, even after his passing, Maharishi makes it clear that devotion goes to 
Guru Dev. The mechanics are simply his intention, carried out by Nature.

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 It's not odd. Even though many naturally see Maharishi as their guru because 
he was the one we interacted with for decades, he himself always reminded us 
from where the teaching came. He even said that Guru Dev is our Guru, not him. 
It's rather obvious that Guru Dev is the teacher for those who perhaps never 
met Maharishi.

 Rare footage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Los Angeles
 Rare footage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Los Angeles Rare footage of 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi walking through a crowd of people to get to a lecture 
hall. Maharishi: Laughing Los Angeles has b...

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 Guru Dev Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati जय गुरुदेव Jai Guru Deva
 Guru Dev Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati जय गुर... Movie footage of Guru Dev, 
Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, believed to have been filmed in 
Lucknow, India, circa April 1952. Visible ...

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 Odd thing - Although I am immeasurably indebted to Maharishi for bringing out 
the knowledge, to basically "reverse the trends of time", as he so aptly put 
it, my devotion and the natural direction of my heart, always goes to SBS. On 
the one hand, overflowing gratitude to Maharishi, but the overflowing love 
always flows to Guru Dev. Not that I ever think twice about it. :-)

 Welcome Tormod, I am 1/8 Norwegian (paternal grandmother was 1/2), though have 
not yet visited there, in this lifetime. I was pleasantly surprised to read 
recently that Norway is the wealthiest country in the world - No wonder TM is 
so popular there.
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 Hello Tormod, you seem to be a reasonable fellow. Please note that my comment 
was not directed at you specifically but rather in the direction of Paul Mason 
based on a comment Maharishi made some years ago that in the future some will 
try to sow discontent and doubts by trying to convince people of how devoted 
they are to Guru Dev. Their ultimate motifs could be to weaken the practice of 
meditation amongst TM'ers. It's something to keep in mind, nothing to be overly 
concerned about.

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 Hei (Norwegian greeting),


 I have no idea of Nabby's identity, and may not try to find out either.

 Now, there is one more thing - Maharishi did a lot to keep the TM movement 
rolling, and TM surely helps a lot. I am glad that much research has confirmed 
it. I have a lot to be grateful for - my life, too, I can tell.



 Loving greetings,

 Tormod Kinnes

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