Indeed. But all experiences, for an unenlightened person, take one away from 
pure consciousness. 


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 Samskaras are "impressions".  Without them you wouldn't know anything! :-D 
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   Doshas aren't stress, in Maharishi's eyes, as far as I know.

 Samskaras are stress.

 The term doṣa literally means "contamination" but I don't think that Maharishi 
ever used it in that sense. That is more a Buddhist thing to use doṣa to refer 
to lust, etc..
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 Are you beginning to 'get' what MMY was talking about when he was talking 
about stress? Lust, Anger, Greed to name a few, (the doshas).
 These, are the sleeping elephants MMY used to talk about in the early days, 


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