If all you experienced was pure consciousness you wouldn't be able to function. Pure consciousness becomes like any other object that you can put your attention on or is in the background like background music when you deal with the day to day.

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Indeed. But all experiences, for an unenlightened person, take one away from pure consciousness.


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Samskaras are "impressions". Without them you wouldn't know anything! :-D

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Doshas aren't stress, in Maharishi's eyes, as far as I know.

Samskaras are stress.

The term doṣa literally means "contamination" but I don't think that Maharishi ever used it in that sense. That is more a Buddhist thing to use doṣa to refer to lust, etc..


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Are you beginning to 'get' what MMY was talking about when he was talking about stress? Lust, Anger, Greed to name a few, (the doshas).

These, are the sleeping elephants MMY used to talk about in the early days, IMHO.

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