Hmmmm. Seems Willytex is lying again. I didn't have anything to do with writing 
the thing he signed my pen name to. That's not my website, I've never had 
anything to do with creating it other than allowing them to put my book up on 
it when they asked if they could, and I didn't write that passage. 

Willytex actually knows all of this, because he's tried to run this routine 
before in the past and been busted on it. 
Sure is interesting to see what cultists do when someone pushes their buttons 
though, isn't it?
Now do you see why I used the language I did?  It makes the roaches crawl out 
of the baseboards and into the light, where everyone can see them. 
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    Hilarious; from fantasizing about "butt fucking babies"  to: "I felt myself 
drawn into it and through it into other realities."  The Turq is coherent 
indeed :-)

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 My output is what it is because I am more coherent and abetter thinker. 
"HIS BODY TURNED GOLD . . . . . . he beganto shrink, then grow to tremendous 
heights. He raised his armsand a shower of energy rushed down onto us while 
lines of powerpushed up through my spine. His body turned gold, then it 
turnedinto a doorway. It became an absence. I felt myself drawn intoit and 
through it into other realities. I felt myself spinning,floating, turning in 
various directions, then expanding andcontracting." - Uncle Tantra


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