I would be surprised if there was a five year plan in such relationships.  I'd 
be surprised if there was a three year plan. 

 But the idea of having three parents, and then having one of them voted off 
the island, or deciding to vamoose would seem to be more detrimental to a child 
than a divorce between two parents.

 But I don't think it is a matter of simply living and loving together.

 I think the policy dictates an open door to any short term or long term sexual 


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 Yes, polyamory is basically there, to take care of lust. Humans, though, do 
themselves a disservice getting addicted to it. Part of Barry's many problems, 
is that he never made the transition, from lust, to intimacy (which 
incorporates plenty of lust), and doesn't understand the difference - hence, no 
long-term relationships for him, ever. I doubt he has even lived with a woman 
for longer than a year, during his entire adult life. He just doesn't get it.

 Maybe. What I think is that although it is in the nature of mammals, including 
us, to be controlled to a certain extent by our hormones and our egos, we are 
prone to being attracted to a number of different sexual partners during our 
lifetime. On the other hand, there is also some deep-seated desire to share 
with and to be loved and nurtured by another and for long periods of time. We 
seem to like to be liked and looked after and appreciated and we crave a 
certain level of security. The idea of marriage seems to provide this. The 
reality can be quite different but that hasn't kept a lot of us from attempting 
marriage nevertheless. To start to introduce the elements of multiple partners 
all living and loving together under the same roof and throw a child into that 
mix then all of the complications inherent in monogamous relationships seem to 
be able to exponentially increase because human traits tend to get thrown 
wildly into the mix. Chief among these characteristics would be jealousy, 
possessiveness, envy, lack of self confidence, doubt. But I am willing to 
investigate further - not as a possibility for myself - but as a general peek 
into what motivates people to share their sexual love with multiple partners 
while at the same time thinking of their relationships as way deeper than sex 
and need.





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