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 From The Telegraph:
 If you are worried that your dog is not paying attention to what you are 
saying simply look at where is he is staring.

 Dogs look to the right when they recognise familiar commands because they 
process the sound in a specific part of their brains which remembers that the 
sound is important.

 Researchers at the University of Sussex discovered that dogs respond to speech 
in much the same way as humans do, processing recognisable sounds in the left 
hemisphere of the brain. In contrast, unusual noises or speech,are processed in 
the right hemisphere of the brain.

 However due to cross-wiring in the brain, if a dog turns to the right it means 
the left side of the brain is processing the words and vice versa.

 Researchers looked at how dogs responded when their owners told them to ‘come 
 When presented with familiar spoken commands, in a usual tone, dogs showed a 
left-hemisphere processing bias and turned to the right, indicating that they 
recognised what was being said.
 However when the command was said in a different tone and speed, the dogs 
could no longer process it as a familiar sound and so looked to the left.

 Hmmm, my dogs look at me when I speak to them but I will check it out next 
time. I have four to keep track of so it might take me a day or two to get back 
at you. And are we talking about their right or my right?


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