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 So, you enjoy the kind of mind-control, mind-blowing tricks that Derren Brown 
has specialised in.

 But you're a FFLifer, so being such a sensitive soul you find Derren a little 
bit sinister. You sad bastard.

 But help is at hand. A new performer has appeared who matches Derren for the 
ingenuity of her trickery but the persona she projects is more your big sister 
with a warm heart. Her new series has been posted on YouTube if you're 
intrigued . . .


 There you go. I watched the whole thing. It appears we are very much 
influenced by all sorts of subliminal stimuli but some of the things were not 
clear to me why they worked the way they did even though she sort of explained 
it. Like the man and woman with him touching things and her drawing them. How 
did she do that? Anyway, thanks for the share, Seraphita.

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