I hope I've made my point to lurkers and those with somewhat open minds. 

All I had to do was use a little colorful language to describe Maharishi, and 
the four extreme cultists on this forum went fucking crazy attacking me. 

I suggest that what Richard Williams, Jim Flanegin, Ann, and Steve have done in 
response to that is some of the purest CULT BEHAVIOR I've ever seen. 

It follows a pattern I've been trying to document on this forum since I arrived 
on it, a tendency to react to anyone who criticizes, makes fun of, or (worst) 
shows zero respect for the person they're guru-whipped by with anger, hatred, 
and a dedicated attempt to "get" them. 

Richard has demonstrated a willingness to lie to do this, signing my name to 
things I didn't write. Jim has demonstrated a willingness to stalk me on the 
Internet to find photos that he can then crop and caption to make them look 
more sinister, and Ann and Steve have demonstrated that they'll pounce on any 
subject (in this most recent case, polyamory) that allows them to "get Barry."
Did I provoke these people by intentionally pushing their buttons? 

You betcha. I wanted to put their reactivity -- and the nature of it -- on 

I think I succeeded. These four people, more than anything else, demonstrate 
why I consider TM a cult, and FFL a cult forum. These people were all TRAINED 
to act like this. 

You may not like my tactics -- or me -- very much, but please watch these four 
in the future. They will probably continue to attack me, but watch how they 
treat *others* who dare to criticize Maharishi or TMers. They'll use the same 
tactics. If I've helped even a few people to see this, then I've succeeded. 

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