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 Thank you everyone on FFL for all your support, knowledge, humor and 
entertainment these last 2 1/2 years. And yes for all the triggerings too LOL 


Is this a goodbye?
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   Richard, I tried this last night but didn't notice anything different. Maybe 
cuz I didn't sit up in bed when I did it? And I forgot to do it this morning. 
Nonetheless, will soldier on, thanks again for posting.

 The technique may not work for just anyone. Apparently MMY dropped using this 
technique himself for some reason, but I found it quite enjoyable. 
 People usually think thoughts just before going to sleep but quite often they 
are just random thinking without any direction. 
 Until I was taught the "Night Technique" by Satyanand, I used another 
technique that I developed myself - you simply think of something positive to 
look forward to the next day and then slip into sleep. 
 It works too, but not as well. There is something about the directed sound 
vibration than is a subtle relaxing feeling with the bija mantra - Laya Yoga 
while you sleep.
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 So last night I had a lucid experience while dreaming (it's happened a few 
times before - always involuntary as I've never bothered to follow the 
"techniques" recommended by devotees of this perception). At least I assume it 
was a lucid-dream experience - I suppose one could have a normal dream which 
included the false thought that one was lucid when in fact one wasn't (if you 
can follow that explanation). What's more, I woke up (for real), mused about 
the dream for a minute, then fell asleep again and immediately went back into 
the same dream landscape in the same self-conscious, lucid state.
 Now I'd heard that when in a lucid dream you can alter the "dreamscape" to 
suit yourself. So you might find it amusing to flip over into being a Zero 
pilot on a kamikaze mission and diving into the Golden Dome in Fairfield. 
Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, though I was lucidly self-aware that I was 
indeed dreaming I couldn't change the story narration unfolding before me so 
just left the dream to run its course while absorbing the novel experience.
 My question is: is there some trick to getting the dream to change to suit 
your whim or is it a case of practice makes perfect? Or maybe most lucid dreams 
are like mine? Or maybe my will power is feeble compared with my imaginative 
power and others have a more dominant will?
 The trick is to practice a Laya Yoga technique we learned from Satyanand: 
 When you are ready for sleep you just sit up in bed and then let your bija 
mantra rest at the heart chakra for a few minutes. That way, the subtle 
currents from your Istadevata will permeate your entire being while you sleep. 
 For example, my Istadevata is Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, so by 
resting the bija portion of her mantra at the heart chakra, my intelligence 
will grow by leaps and bounds, right while I'm sleeping. 
 Then, when you awaken in the morning you will feel refreshed and full of 
energy and knowledge. It's that simple!
 Anyone had a similar experience?
 Yes. A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that he or she is 
dreaming. From what I've read, the phenomenon of lucid dreaming has been well 
established by scientific research, so its existence is well established. 





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