It doesn't bother me at all, being compared to a past ideal of perfection, that 
no longer exists. That is like being told we were once a race of giants, and 
feeling short the rest of my life.  Good point, though, for overall perspective.

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 I've heard something along those liens also, becuase, well, Maharishi couldn't 
possibly be getting old because he's 100.000000...% enlightened, and 
enlightened people never grow old. 

 As I said, lots of TMers, especially TM teachers, never really listened to MMY 
when he said thigns about how no-one is ever fully enlgihtened or that the 
state of world consciosuenss precludes anyone from become as enlightened as 
people were in the distant (Golden Ageā„¢) past and that therefore anything MMY 
ever said was necessarily limited and imperfect.


 It's sorta like the Christians who ignore Jesus' observation that everyone has 
"fallen short of the Glory of God. There is none perfect -no, not one."

 They always add "except Me" because Jesus couldn't possibly have been saying 
that HE was imperfect...

 Other Christians justify the phrase by saying that once he was resurrected, he 
was automatically perfect, so there.

 I've heard TM teachers discuss how Gurudev was the reincarnation of John the 
Baptist while MMY was the reincarnation of Jesus.

 It's pretty remarkable, all the stuff people say to themselves to justify 
ceasing to think for themselves, no matter what.


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 Barry's new toy.

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 Actually, I've run into four or five fairly well-known and respected 
meditation teachers who believed that the only thing that explained Maharishi's 
degeneration *was* being possessed. Go figure. 

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 You mean Maharishi was possessed?  Who would have thunk it? :-D 
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 Brahmananda Saraswati passes on his Jiva to Maharishi Mahes
 Brahmananda Saraswati passes on his Jiva to Maha... A Story told by the 
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