Hopefully one of our lurkers in Holland alerts the police in Leiden about this 
pervert. They could have him in for questioning and check his computer. That 
would also alert his "roommates".

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 Yes, and he must be relieved not to read my posts, or so he says, because I 
happen to take this sort of thing, very seriously, and think he should be 
investigated, or at least have his PC checked out. 

 I don't mind all his other insults, beyond their anti-social nature - there is 
no substance. But when someone begins associating sex with babies, that gets my 
attention, and not in a good way at all.

 There are few lines crossed here, but this is one of them. In real life, I 
wouldn't let that perv within 100 yards of a child. 
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 You just have to read his "colourful language" about abuse of small babies to 
see that Judy was right about the Turq all along, he is a sadistic pervert. 

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 If I was living with him, I would politely, but firmly, ask him to leave, or 
keep a very sharp eye out -  especially with children present. 

 He refers to it, as, "colorful language". Then proceeds to put the blame, for 
his very disturbing thoughts, on those who call him out. Not because we are 
"cult members", but because we are normal, decent human beings. 

 Barry is in denial about this, and that can be a warning sign, too. Judy used 
to caution about Barry's mental illness. I thought she was exaggerating - Now, 
I am not so sure.

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 Anyone who uses such language is seriously disturbed. I just hope he doesn't 
harm that small child he is often photographed with. Someone oughta call the 
cops on him, and at least check his hard drive for kiddie porn.

 Let's just hope he's drunk. I thought I'd seen the worst of him on FFL but 
he's starting to show us more and more of what he's got inside of him. 


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