You missed the point and got your buttons pushed over a small and insignificant 
technicality uttered by someone who has not studied Sanskrit. Instead Hans 
spent his life teaching. You'd probably been better off and less easily 
offended had you done the same.

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 SBS passed his jiva ... blah blah ...


 Such (p)suckophantic B.S.. What else could you expect from a Maharaj and a 
true-believing TM teacher but vacuous and esoteric prattle?
 This just demonstrates how ignorant both Hans and Maharaj Kanju are about the 
lineage of Shankara's Advaita - which MMY claimed founded his meditation 
 You can pass along your blessing but not your jiva/soul. The jiva/soul is the 
basis of samsara and exists only as the identification of sheer awareness with 
intellect-mind.  This is why Patanjali gave principle importance to the sutra 
YS 3.35 defining discernment of the separation between awareness and intellect 
(purusha-buddhi viveka).
 The jiva is the causal source of the subtle body-mind. It does not exist as an 
entity but as a reflection of pure awareness. It functions as the illusion of 
doer-ship as it shines upon the sanskara-s and vasana-s inhabiting the causal 
 Shakti does not mean energy (the capacity for work or activity). Rather, 
Shakti means power. Shakti can be transmitted to another person – a reflection 
cannot be transmitted to anything by anything else.
 Wake up and smell the stinkin left-handed fantasy.

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