LOL - Looks like I really stepped in the dressing! Yes, the football and 
feasting. I will do my best to eat and drink too much today!  

 As for Barry, like I said, there isn't a hole deep enough for him right now, 
so the best course, for him, is to get some help, and remove himself until he 
does, without any prodding, official or otherwise. This place was never meant 
to be his toilet, and if it takes the Dutch cops asking him a lot of 
uncomfortable questions, to get him out of here, and to seriously clean up his 
act, so be it. 

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 I keep forgetting about this black friday thing, here. Jesus. At least it is, 
technically, *after* Turkey Day, and so, the Xmas Season kickoff...  

 I like Canada a lot - As much as I love the US tribe, Canada is always a 
kinder and gentler example, to me, of how to act as a country, though their 
much smaller population makes it all a bit easier to manage, too. I cannot 
recall ever having met a Canadian, who was not friendly, giving, personable, 
and trustworthy. I worked with several, for years, in various tech companies. 
Have only visited Ottowa, though - Loved It - Instant Europe. I don't know 
where it comes from, but my daughter is a big hockey fan - not quite religion, 
but it is her 'go to' game. 

 Happy Thanksgiving, if yours is on the same day...or just good morning!

 Good morning, sir. No, Canadian Thanksgiving is always the first Monday in 
October. So today we just watch the Americans eat their way to lethargy and 
play their football and get ready to descend on the stores tomorrow in a 
shopping panic. One thing that has happened up here is that in an effort to 
reap some of the marketing benefits of Black Friday in America, Canada has also 
started their own Black Friday. I hate it.

 BTW, really good post about Barry and his sick postings here. I really, really 
wish he could either leave us alone or at least go get help. Maybe getting 
arrested would be a wakeup call, I don't know. But his toxicity here is beyond 

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 I mentioned about Thanksgiving, being a less commercial holiday than our 
others, and am curious if a similar holiday exists in the other countries 
represented here? In other words, one not tied to religion or patriotism, or a 
great person, but simply to give thanks for what we have.

 Canadian thanksgiving is pretty much the same but we don't have the big 
shopping thing the day after. Canadians tend to be a bit more understated than 
Americans in most things they do on a large scale - oh, except for the hockey 
thing. That is religion here and considered their own invention although I 
think some arguments exist that Holland invented the first hockey sticks and 
the idea of hitting objects around a frozen surface.

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