Black Friday is nothing more than a plea from shitty big businessmen to "bail us out because we don't know how to run a corporation". For a lot of people it means "stay home Friday and stay away from the crazies on the road and at the stores". I'm waiting for "Red February". :-D

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I keep forgetting about this black friday thing, here. Jesus. At least it is, technically, *after* Turkey Day, and so, the Xmas Season kickoff...

I like Canada a lot - As much as I love the US tribe, Canada is always a kinder and gentler example, to me, of how to act as a country, though their much smaller population makes it all a bit easier to manage, too. I cannot recall ever having met a Canadian, who was not friendly, giving, personable, and trustworthy. I worked with several, for years, in various tech companies. Have only visited Ottowa, though - Loved It - Instant Europe. I don't know where it comes from, but my daughter is a big hockey fan - not quite religion, but it is her 'go to' game.

Happy Thanksgiving, if yours is on the same day...or just good morning!

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I mentioned about Thanksgiving, being a less commercial holiday than our others, and am curious if a similar holiday exists in the other countries represented here? In other words, one not tied to religion or patriotism, or a great person, but simply to give thanks for what we have.


/*Canadian thanksgiving is pretty much the same but we don't have the big shopping thing the day after. Canadians tend to be a bit more understated than Americans in most things they do on a large scale - oh, except for the hockey thing. That is religion here and considered their own invention although I think some arguments exist that Holland invented the first hockey sticks and the idea of hitting objects around a frozen surface.*/

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