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 and what is "OTB"?

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 Hey Buck, 

 Have you heard of the status of the publication of the other chapters in the 
Gita in which MMY commented on?  I heard a few years ago that the TMO was going 
to publish each chapter separately.

 I bought a copy of Chapter 7 and have enjoyed reading MMY's insights.  I would 
like to buy all of the remaining chapters with MMY's commentary if they publish 

 Are they withholding the publication?  If so, why?

 Chapter 7, the verses and commentary goes on about that.
 They seem to have withdrawn the copies
 of the seventh chapter
 that were around being sold and distributed
 of M's B.Gita chapter 7.  Movement scholars
 have been in meeting with Vernon Katz
 working on Vernon's work on the B. Gita with Maharishi.  
 Somewhat of a race against time
 as Vernon has not been so well.
 Hopefully they don't edit Vernon's work with M to death.     
 Jai Guru Dev, -Buck

 hepa7@...> wrote :
 Anyone remember where in OTB Maharishi explains the role of the guNas
in keeping up evolution?

(Something like: sattva creates a stage(?), tamas destroys it, etc?)

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