How southern: biscuits and gravy! I was winging it today and probably a little happy I didn't get an invite. My nephew hosts Thanksgiving every two years and spends the alternate year with his in-laws. I could have hosted but they would have been disappointed they couldn't watch sports since I cut the cable.

Anyway, I was happy because I've been experimenting with Michael Tierra's Endurance formula which is cooling and increases yin. Found I'm getting by with far less food and watching the weight drop but have plenty of energy. Pitta formulas never worked this well. But I had stocked up on some of the goodies that appear around this time and fixed some stuffing, mashed potatoes and heated up some pumpkin soup. For protein I discovered that Safeway now carries Old Wisconsin turkey bites so grabbed a package of those (no msg).

(Oh and BTW, I happen to like biscuits and gravy).

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leg of lamb - I bet that was good! Here it was turkey, dressing, biscuits, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, squash casserole, cranberry sauce, fudge brownies and pumpkin pie - mighty good too.

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The only banning I do is spammers. Behavioral issues are Rick's domain.

On this day of thanks, I am thankful for my sweetie's swift recovery over the past month. And the freakishly delicious roast leg of lamb with buttercup squash I just inhaled.

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Alex has banned others for smaller offences. It remains to be seen if Rick agrees and has the balls to done something about it.

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