Jesus, Barry. 

 You are just so oblivious to your total investment in this "pushing buttons" 
meme, or whatever it is.

 Is this really where your spiritual path has taken you?

 It's Barry Wright against the world.

 Some 40 years ago, you left the TM organization, and here you are, still 
totally obsessed with it.

 I suppose this will obsession will never end for you.



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 I hope I've made my point to lurkers and those with somewhat open minds. 


 All I had to do was use a little colorful language to describe Maharishi, and 
the four extreme cultists on this forum went fucking crazy attacking me. 


 I suggest that what Richard Williams, Jim Flanegin, Ann, and Steve have done 
in response to that is some of the purest CULT BEHAVIOR I've ever seen. 


 It follows a pattern I've been trying to document on this forum since I 
arrived on it, a tendency to react to anyone who criticizes, makes fun of, or 
(worst) shows zero respect for the person they're guru-whipped by with anger, 
hatred, and a dedicated attempt to "get" them. 


 Richard has demonstrated a willingness to lie to do this, signing my name to 
things I didn't write. Jim has demonstrated a willingness to stalk me on the 
Internet to find photos that he can then crop and caption to make them look 
more sinister, and Ann and Steve have demonstrated that they'll pounce on any 
subject (in this most recent case, polyamory) that allows them to "get Barry."

 Did I provoke these people by intentionally pushing their buttons? 


 You betcha. I wanted to put their reactivity -- and the nature of it -- on 


 I think I succeeded. These four people, more than anything else, demonstrate 
why I consider TM a cult, and FFL a cult forum. These people were all TRAINED 
to act like this. 


 You may not like my tactics -- or me -- very much, but please watch these four 
in the future. They will probably continue to attack me, but watch how they 
treat *others* who dare to criticize Maharishi or TMers. They'll use the same 
tactics. If I've helped even a few people to see this, then I've succeeded. 



 This one is for Rick, if he has been compelled to look into this latest 
tempest in a pisspot...

 As I pointed out above, and earlier, this is about CULT TACTICS, not 
inappropriate language. If you'll read through some of the posts pretending to 
be outraged by what I said (which I have, because I've been gathering them for 
a researcher who requested them), you'll notice that all of the people claiming 
to be outraged by the theoretical metaphor I posted have been carefully 
snipping out the part that *really* offended them and got their panties in a 
twist -- that it was theoretically ABOUT MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI.

 Did I go "over the top" in my analogy by suggesting that TM True Believers 
were so brainwashed that they'd react to seeing MAHARISHI having sex with a 
child right in front of their eyes by continuing to believe that he was a "life 


 YOU BETCHA. I went over the top *on purpose*, to demonstrate what happens when 
a bunch of the same True Believer cultists I was referring to get their "Oh My 
God He Insulted Our Guru" buttons pushed. 


 Please note that I never claimed Maharishi *DID* have sex with small children. 
I think we all know that isn't true -- he preferred women in their 20s or 30s, 
from what we hear, preferably married to someone else. The True Believers I'm 
referring to have had No Problem ignoring reports of this, and continuing to 
claim that Maharishi was a "life celibate." My analogy was only a bit more 
"over the top," suggesting that they're such cult fanatics that they'd say 
exactly the same thing if confronted by an even more extreme situation. 


 But please note that it was a *theoretical* situation. I did not suggest that 
Maharishi *was* a child molestor. The ONLY people on this forum who have, in 
fact, suggested that about a living person -- ME -- are Jim Flanegin and 
Nablusoss1008, both of whom have actually suggested that people contact Dutch 
police or the family I live with to investigate me for being a child molestor 
or a child pornographer or both. 


 THAT is not just real-world slander, that's criminal action. Jim and Nabby are 
SO lost in their cultist world that they don't realize they've just opened 
themselves up to a lawsuit or prosecution for trying to incite people to become 
moral vigilantes and commit illegal acts. (Making such a claim about a person 
in the Netherlands falsely is punishable by several years in prison.)


 Meanwhile the other people I was referring to as True Believers and Cultists 
in my original metaphor are going crazy trying to get you to throw ME off the 
forum. Well, you can if you want. It's your forum and I'll leave any time you 
want me to. My choice of language WAS over the top, and intentionally so. I 
wanted to push a few people's buttons so that they'd act exactly like the 
deranged cultists I think they are. AND THEY DID. 

 Just to clarify, I said what I said SO THAT they'd freak out and demonstrate 
for other people what cultists they are. I think I succeeded at that. Jim, 
Nabby, Ann, Richard, Steve, and JohnR have ALL piled on to the "Get Barry" bus, 
pretending to be outraged over my choice of metaphor when dissing the common 
behavior of TM True Believers. 


 In reality, I think you (Rick) and most people here know what they're really 
outraged about -- I dissed Maharishi, and TM True Believers, and they're 
determined to try to make me PAY for that. 


 In response to my theoretical metaphor, they've been going crazy trying to 
paint ME as a child molestor or worse, which is a tactic straight out of the 
Cult Playbook. Some of them have actually encouraged others to act as 
vigilantes and take the law into their own hands and "Get Barry" by calling the 
cops on him. 


 And all because he posted a completely ACCURATE metaphor about how TM True 
Believers can find a way to ignore almost *any* evidence of Maharishi's 
wrongdoings in their attempts to keep him up on the pedestal they've placed him 


 This furor isn't about me using "inappropriate language" on a "family forum." 
It's about a bunch of cultists who got their True Believer buttons pushed so 
badly that now they want to lash out at the person who pushed them and do 
*anything* they can think of to "get him." 


 In other words, it's "business as usual" here at Fairfield Life. Nothing you 
need to be concerned about IMO.




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