Finally, a little show of support, as lukewarm as it is. 

 Everyone seems to be having a good time here, except little Barry Wright, 
fuming in the corner, because he's been called out on his totally unacceptable 

 It's never about you, is it Barry?

 It's always others who are so messed up.

 You just can't figure out why you're not heralded as some savior.

 Carry on soldier, with your grand research project, so even those who like 
you, at least a little, can know the role they play in your scheme.

 It's only further evidence of your inability to connect with people in some 
kind of genuine way.

 Barry the manipulator.
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 I hope I've made my point to lurkers and those with somewhat open minds. 


 All I had to do was use a little colorful language to describe Maharishi, and 
the four extreme cultists on this forum went fucking crazy attacking me. 


 I wouldn't say you were even describing Maharishi, but rather underlining a 
point about people refusing to see what is in front of them.

 I didn't even blink because I knew you weren't implying any bad behaviour on 
the behalf of the Reesh. 

 That some have made such a big deal out of their refusal to understand your 
remarks and use it as an excuse for a pile-on does nothing for their 



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