Like Vishvamitra he was born a Kshatriya but became a Brahmarishi and got the 
hostility of most,but not all the Brahmins:


 The Shankaracharya's Welcome to Maharishi
 Jyotir Math, India, 1975 
 From the tradition of Shri Shankaracharya
 He is the disciple just like the Master:
 Destroyer of tamas of the inner Self, King of Rishis,
 And from the darkness of the people He is the bestower of light. 
 Greatest of the great, greater than greatness,
 He is indeed the reason for the welfare of the tradition.
 Bestower of the calmness in the three layers of existence,
 Incarnation of Yoga, indeed of Shankara, 
 Whose speech is true speech, Whose demeanor is precise,
 Whose actions are compassionate, Whose fame is compelling,
 In the world of all men He is the inner Self.
 The course of His speech is the incarnate form of Indra. the Creator. 
 O Mahesh Yogi, let Your benevolence be extended unto me,
 Great Rishi, King of Rishis, Rishi of Gods.
 From the light of the Himalayas to the level of the plains
 He resides in the midst of Shankaracharya Nagar.

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