Hi, Jim Flanegin here, aka, fleetwood_macncheese. I have made some good friends 
here, and invite them, and anyone who likes a good conversation, without the 
over the top insanity, to my new Yahoo Group, The Peak. 

 Very similar format to here - Moderated membership, and open content. I will 
moderate, with the goal being creating an entertaining and enjoyable 
environment, and good conversation. 

 "The Peak is an ongoing conversation about our journey as human beings, 
upwards towards the pinnacle, and fulfillment of our existence; Enlightenment. 
Any other topics, such as politics, economics, sexuality, UFO's, every day 
life, designing umbrellas, and even religion, are welcome, too. 

This site is moderated, with the focus being on entertaining, civil, and 
interesting discussions. Thank you for contributing!" 

 PS I am pretty busy today, so if I don't approve your membership immediately, 
hold tight. Thanks!


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