On 11/29/2014 1:27 PM, Share Long wrote:
Richard, ha! If Interpol is watching FFL, they better dang well be watching our beloved Lurking Reporters too!
/This has got to be the clearest instance of cognitive dissonance I've ever read on social media!/ /

Everyone already knows Barry doesn't have a baby named "Maya". //O///ne of the first rules of online social dialog is to NEVER reveal anything about your own family relations without their knowledge or permission. (Rita is not my wife's real name - I only use that for satirical purposes, but she is really gorgeous).

///It wasn't a joke, Share, when Barry posted that he was reporting directly to a lurking reporter at his favorite cafe. Now we know who and what the reporter really was - the local police. The real question is how much is he getting paid? ///The real question is, why would Barry want to bring down Rick Archer?/

Obviously this whole episode was a false flag planted by an anti-cult informant in order to provoke some poor TMers into saying something in response. Only an expert with decades of practice on social media could pull off this kind of hoax - he even managed to hypnotize a few otherwise reasonable members of the forum to believe he was genuinely offended by his very own statements. Go figure.

Apparently Barry will do almost anything to get back at his fantasy enemies, up to and including posting inflammatory messages to test his skills at provocation and then claiming to fink on them to Interpol.////It's a trick he obviously learned due to his close ties with military intelligence.//Not for nothing did he hang around U.S. Air Force bases most of his adolescent life.

Where is Judy when we really need her? For Gawd's sake Judy - please help us before we all get arrested and Barry gets deported back to the U.S.!!!/

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On 11/29/2014 11:34 AM, raunchydog wrote:
Geez, Barry.I thought you were joking about abusing babies just to push buttons of imaginary cult members the same as I am pushing your buttons about being a pervert.Abusing babies...wow!That was a real knee slapper, still ROTFLMAO.Pleeezze...call off the cops and I’ll never to make fun of you being a harmless little bunny again.
Either Barry Wright is the biggest liar on the planet or Interpol is now watching Rick Archer and everyone else on this forum. Talk about a thought-stopper!
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