Barry, the American citizen, is claiming that he's going to the Dutch police to 
file Dutch charges against someone on an American internet forum for saying 
something he believes harms his "reputation". 

This is hilarious and this is why Barry has played you all for gullible fools. 

To file charges you must convince a prosecutor:

1. that a crime was committed 
2. that the criminal act was a relevant infraction of published Dutch law 
3. that the act occurred in Dutch territory 
4. that the person/place that is harmed is covered by Dutch law. 
5. that any legal claims asserted by claimants have standing before the 
relevant court of law. 

Dutch law doesn't matter in Amerika. Barry doesn't matter in Amerika. 

FFL is none of the above. 
The hammer cracks. 
The case is closed. 

 Read it weep at your gullibility. Read it and laugh at the absurdity.
 FFL is not the final archipelago of 18th Century European legal hegemony. 

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