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Nope.Folks didn't react to Barry because they were offended as "truebelievers." 
They were offended as human beings repulsed by the vileimage of child abuse he 

C: And you could be right on the cause of offense. It is what they did next 
that I condemn. Whatever your reaction to images being offered and read by 
choice here, the response shouldn't be accusations of despicable illegal acts 
aimed at the the writer. 

A person could just address how they feel about the image used without going 
that far to retaliate. To justify that kind of makes his original point.
Exactly. Thanks for noticing and commenting. Yes, my language was crude and the 
image cruder. So yes, some people could have been offended by that. It's what 
they DID with that "being offended" is what I refer to as cult behavior. 

If your first impulse is to either 1) "get" the person who said the thing 
that's pushed your buttons and gotten you all offended, in order to *hurt* them 
somehow, or 2) hurt the person who said it's *reputation*, to lower their 
credibility in the eyes of others, then you're acting like a cultist. 

Judy specialized in this behavior and sadly did it so often that she made it a 
"standard" here on FFL. The people who modeled their behavior on her (the "Mean 
Girls Club") did the same thing. My message all along has been that this 
behavior is straight out of the Cult Handbook and is something they learned 
subconsciously from being around the TMO for so many years. It is such a 
prevalent a part of the environment that no one notices they're doing it -- 
someone says something "negative" (meaning accurate and critical) about the TM 
movement, and they just launch into Cult Behavior Pattern #1 or #2. They're 
*just* like the $cientologists in this regard. 

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