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 Your message has made my day! If you have any other recollections of the 
filming of Eyes Wide Shut do share them.

 That's all my EWS stories from Mentmore but I did read an article about 
Kubrick by Guardian journo Jon Ronson, he was invited to have a look round 
Kubrick's office after he'd died and one of the curios he found was a box of 
photographs of doors. Thousands of them. Apparently he'd sent scouts round 
London taking pics of every door they could find and when he found the one he 
wanted he had a replica made. Pretty obsessive, especially since it was used 
only once in the film when Tom Cruise visits his friend and knocks on it, the 
door opens and he walks through. That was it!

 Kubrick was a notorious perfectionist, he was working on a movie about 
Napoleon and he had boxes of index cards detailing every single day of his 
life. Not all of it was known obviously but what isn't was inferred from what 
is known and the whole thing was cross indexed to every known letter sent or 
received and every book, newspaper, magazine about him. You realise why his 
films have that very controlled look about them when you know this.

 But he was apparently very hard to work with due to his perfectionism, you had 
to live up to it too. My Dad worked in the technical side of the film business 
based at Pinewood Studios and knew what it was like having to process 
everything to his standards. I used to help out there during school holidays 
which was cool.

 Kubrick ended up living near Pinewood because he hated flying so much and he 
only got on a plane once to come here and do some filming for "Paths of Glory" 
(I think) and he never went home, just stayed in England! So the sets of all 
his films, no matter where they were set, had to be recreated between Slough 
and Watford. 

 This is what spoiled "Full Metal Jacket" The US boot camp scenes all have 
those concrete  municipal lampposts that English councils put up in the 30's. I 
don't believe they have identical ones in Florida, and it destroyed the 
illusion for me. Odd for an obsessive like Kubrick to overlook it though.


 Although Eyes Wide Shut was talked down by the critics I really loved it (I've 
seen the movie three times so far). The sexual paranoia that pervades the film 
really appeals. But to learn that the house where the sex party/rites scene was 
shot has at least a tenuous link to Maharishi's Mentmore Towers means that I 
myself can fantasize that I have at least a flimsy connection to the sinister 
cult portrayed!


 I didn't like EWS actually, I thought it was too late into the modern world to 
be effective. I got the impression Kubrick must have had a sheltered life for 
him to think that women having sexual fantasies was shocking enough to send men 
into a dark night of the soul like Cruise went on. I like his distinctive 
directing style though but it works best on 2001 I think.

 But we had a video collection at Mentmore of everything that had been filmed 
there, Inspector Morse, The Mummy. Loads of pop videos, the Spice Girls did one 
there, I didn't meet them but they were really hideous apparently, load and 
obnoxious, always swearing and sneering at everyone. Friends of mine living 
there had a daughter who was 10 at the time and she asked for an autograph and 
they said no. The public image of girl power slipped a bit there!

 Until you mentioned it, I hadn't realised that the orgy scene was set to a 
recitation of The Bhagavad Gita . This is getting better and better! The icing 
on the cake would have been if they had used MMY's translation (!). 
Unfortunately I just Googled the details and it turns out that Hindus objected 
to the use of the Gita (on the film's original release) and it was cut from the 
movie you can see on DVD today. (There's some chanting earlier in the scene 
which is a Catholic text played backwards! I've pasted a link below.)  
 The original Sanskrit recitation that Kubrick intended (damn Warner Brothers 
for getting cold feet and deleting it!) read:

 "Parithranaya Saadhunam Vinashaya cha dushkrithaam Dharmasamsthabanarthaya 
Sambhavami yuge yuge"

 which means:

 "For the protection of the virtuous, for the destruction of the evil and for 
the firm establishment of Dharma (righteousness), I take birth and am 
incarnated on Earth, from age to age."

 Amazing they deleted it. It's the professionally offended again. Curse their 

 Re Mentmore Towers: say what you like but MMY knew how to pick some prime real 
estate. Beautiful building and grounds.


 I loved living there. I was recruited by the media officer because I'd worked 
in PR and quit my job and moved in without even knowing if I was going to be 
paid - such was my love of TM and the promise of rapid evolution living among 
the enlightened, did I have a surprise coming! Quite a shock to find out what 
it's actually like in that atmosphere. My first impression of Mentmore was that 
it was like a cross between One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and The Addams 
Family I fitted right in!

 I could write a book about my year there and it would be funny as well as 
illuminating about the inner workings of the TMO. I was there when they sold it 
and we all moved to Roydon Hall in Kent which I loved even more. Maharishi 
certainly did know how to invest in property. It was real shame when he sold 
those houses, most of the money went to international but a bit stayed in 
England to go towards a Peace Palace which they are just about to start work on 
in Suffolk, ten years later. 

 But it wont be the same. Mentmore was a palace and Roydon was a cosy home from 
home with oak panelled walls and walk-in fireplaces. Henry the Eighth stayed 
there once, probably in the same room Marshy did. If those walls could speak!




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Thanks, it's most interesting to see all the Masonic symbolism that I didn't 
notice before. Or is it not realy there and we are just getting a power of 
suggestion thing now that it's been pointed out? 

 I haven't watched it all yet but I can add a bit to the Rothschild story. The 
house the orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in was indeed a Rothschild 
home but the one shown at 3.31 is Mentmore Towers, owned by the TMO at the 
time, and not the same one where the actual sexy bits were filmed. 

 Kubric was apparently a bit of a character and wanted to knock down the main 
supporting wall inside Mentmore because he wanted the room to be 20 feet 
larger! The guy in charge of location work said that, of course he could knock 
the wall down as long as he rebuilt it perfectly! Even Kubrick balked at that 
idea and ended up moving to the Rothschild house down the road to complete the 
filming, only using the exterior shots of our pad in the final cut. 

 The Rothschild's had loads of homes, they thought it would be a wheeze to be 
able to see them all from each other, and you can indeed see each one from the 
grounds of next. Hard life.

 Everyone at the Towers was upset when they heard that the orgy scene was set 
to someone reciting the Bhagavad Gita. Great place to live though, I really 
enjoyed the filming work there, I remember bumping into  John Thaw when I was 
going to breakfast once, and I opened the door to Michael Cain when he was 
filming "Quills" about the Marquis De Sade. Gave a bit of colour to the day! 
They were both really friendly and didn't mind us watching them acting.

 The director of "Quills" was overjoyed with Mentmore, he said he could film 
the grandiose palace scenes in the main hall and the seedy brothel scenes in 
the staff quarters. LOL!

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