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 At least this guy isn't using TM tonality like Bevvy.

He's really pushing the name dropping and the "you too were Great Ones."

Guy is clear though.  Organized, very fucking prepared, good recall.

 Yes, he's a very good speaker. I was trying to imagine a pre-programmed drone 
like Bevan or Hagelin trying to pull this off and it really wouldn't work. This 
guy thinks on his feet for sure.

He's coming off as someone who has some wisdom and some scholarship which of 
course can all be pumped into his "dreams."  If he had been born in a 
non-American culture, the same type of dreams could have been saturated with 
the names of other "traditions."  

 It's all very convenient that he sees Marshy as he was when he was 55, 
probably the last time he actually saw him.

Seems like he's trying to establish why the TMO's present leaders are to be 
seen as failures and no longer true movement leaders.  

"to not tell stories anymore" -- yet he's telling a story to all of us!  

"No one has ever merged with the Absolute."  -- That's a big ass issue, eh?

 It's lucky for his story that nobody did merge, because they wouldn't be 
talking to him would they! 

 Or do I understand less about this than even I give myself no credit for?

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