Fear is ignorance.  Self can't be hurt.

Listen to MMY about transcending.

Don't die in fear or upset about what TM teachers have done.

Don't worry about purity of the teaching.   (Jerry told us that the movement 
was suffering because of lack of purity in the lives of the initiators.)

"If they'd put a picture on the wall by mistake" -- (heh, my painting of MMY as 
a spiral was kick out of the MUM library.)

Take away the rules to stop people in power.

TM, as good as it is, is effective because of harnessing natural tendency, but 
it's not crucial.  If mind if filled with light, YOU'RE OKAY.

No particular state of mind to target.   (Well that's new.)

Better to have an adulterated teaching that has no fear than have a pure 
teaching ruined by fear.

TM is turning within.  

Teach TM according to the TMO's rules.

Next 20 years important -- all TM teachers should chuck the fear and teach 
however they want to.

300 years from now this video can be played.  (I signed up for 5 - 8 years.)

Do what MMY told you to do, but not if it's not in your heart to engage an 
impossible task.

Shankara says  "enthusiastic about new approach."  Shankara opened up MMY's 
mind to memories.  Had debate with Vyasa and didn't win.  A debate draw because 
he was Vyasa too.    Shankara was AFRAID to say; he'd been Vyasa.   He's going 
to incarnate again to push math and science....100 years.

All the past heroes will re-incarnate.

End the Shankaracharya system.

Simplify or eliminate ritual.

Guru Dev is jiggy with above, but still can do puja, but not necessary.  No 
more gurus -- just friends.  

Jesus says:  "I'm not omniscient."  "How you feel about Me doesn't matter."  
"Prayer is like gambling, the house always win."  "No more parking place 
prayers will be answered."  "Look for an hour before you pray for a lost 
object."  "Heaven is not a place of forgiveness.  No perfect knowledge, no 
judgement.  Heaven is a vacation."  "I'm not mad at you guys."  

Jehovah says.  "I'm also Allah.  Jews were my original chosen people.  I've 
made them the most productive people on the planet.  New deal for everyone -- 
you'll know Me.  I am who am, but you are who you are.  We're equals:  the new 
covenant with my people.  Israel is your land, but it is not as valuable as 
your principles.  Human sacrifice must end.  Jerusalem is not sacred, the 
people are, not the land.  As Allah, I confirm I am also Jehovah.  Proud of 
Arabic improvements.  Mohammed is My last prophet. Very proud of Islamics, but 
suggests:  know that He doesn't care about versions of Islam.  Think about 
restoring the Islamic Golden Age.  Treatment of women shouldn't go backwards.  
In Heaven the groups are kept separate....but only to let you calm down.  And 
when women are respected, then you'll be proud of your Islamic culture.  And 
then Heaven won't have separate groups for Muslims.  To Mormons:  a good 

Jesus:  80% of misery self-inflicted.  Purity of Elisabeth Smart is not a 
problem -- should feel you've been sullied despite years of rape in captivity.  
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