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 So, I'm impressed.  The guy has his shtick down pat.  

 I'm impressed that you paid attention to the end. I couldn't wait for it to be 
over simply because of the way his voice droned and with those portentous 
pauses at the end. I guess the all-Father wants a bit of dignity given to his 
words but that's probably not the effect he was after I suspect. 

 The gods will be disappointed in their choice of messenger I think. And there 
was nothing for the scientologists either...

 To have done that without an autocue is the most impressive thing about him. 
but it was funny watching him dance round the controversy over Palestine, it 
didn't work and if Jehovah hasn't got the answer then no one has!

 I do hope for his sake that the Arabs don't hear his call from Mohamed to give 
women equal rights and bring democracy to the Middle East. That's the sort of 
thing that gets heads chopped off out there...

I can't see the TMO patting him on the back for saying Maharishi said the TMO 
is sorta okay.

 I always thought that Marshy must be pissed off that he had such poor cloth to 
cut his movement from, but he trained them so it must be him they reflect. 
Maybe a lament along those lines would shake them up a bit more. Just for a 
laugh like..

Hey!  Looks like we can all put out a shingle now and teach!  

 Go for it.

 I hope Curtis had some good questions like, when does the Maharishi Effect 
start working?


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