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Yes sadly, FFL at Yahoo-groups in a fragmentation it seems now is Mostly Left to Angry People.

/It may have been by design, Buck.

Rick Archer may have actually intended this forum to be a place for people to take out their anger against MMY and the TMO - for various personal reasons. I say that because strictly speaking, posting about the TM technique outside the teaching environment is, by definition, being "off the program." /

//It looks to me like there are no TM Teachers, in good standing, that dialog here. Correct me if I'm mistaken about this.

/Although I don't percieve Rick as being resentful or angry about his experience in the TMO, I also take note that Rick isn't very interested in discussing anything or even moderating, which would indicate to me that he has pretty much given it over to the angry and rejected factions.

Nobody can blame Rick - who would want to start a dialog here when everyone knows it is populated with informants to Interpol. Go figure.

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