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 Re the negative opinions of Eyes Wide Shut, I wonder if many viewers missed 
the point that it was based on Arthur Schnitzler's Dream Story (1926) - ie, 
it's a *dream* story (and so influenced by fellow Viennese author Sigmund 
Freud's ideas). For example, some people have sneered at the orgy scene as it 
is not remotely like the sex parties of modern, hip, super-rich Yanks. Well, I 
wouldn't know what happens at such events(!) but as the orgy is a nightmare 
vision it can take off in any direction it likes if it suits Kubrick's 
narrative. The same can be said of some of the other elements criticised.


 I didn't mind the orgy scene -typically well filmed - and knew it was based on 
an old book. I thought that the fact it was written so long ago accounted for 
the cultural mismatch between what I'd say if the missus admitted fancying some 
else and the character in the film. That's what I meant really, just that the 
stimulus didn't justify the response. 

 The young girl in the movie who is being pimped by her father who owns the 
fancy-dress store could be a nod to Kubrick's own anger that his daughter had 
joined the Scientologists and become brainwashed by them. It's odd that Kubrick 
would feel happy about working with Cruise given Kubrick's falling out with his 
daughter over her involvement with the cult but maybe Cruise's inclusion made 
the link between the sinister group in EWS and Scientology clearer.

 Wow, I didn't know that about Kubricks daughter! I shall read up on it. Jon 
Ronson might have missed something interesting in his article.

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