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 On 11/30/2014 11:25 AM, TurquoiseBee wrote:
 I hear that Willy has *his* own porn site, and this is one of his favorite 
pics:  :-)

 If Rick has any integrity, Barry Wright will be banned from posting to FFL for 
posting porn as text AND linked images. Rick?

 Wow, now you're the only troll here you really stand out Willy. And the sight 
aint pretty. 

 I'll ask you again, what do you get out of this endless childish behaviour? 
are you bored at home? No friends to talk to? Your existence here is pointless, 
unless you are here just to piss people off but what would anyone get out of 
behaving like that? Do you think you are funny or clever or something?

 You really stick out now. Apparently Jim has a new group where you aren't 
allowed to be nasty, don't know what they are talking about now they don't have 
us to complain about all day every day, but maybe if you asked nicely they'd 
let you join in. Maybe you'd learn how to communicate like a normal human 
being. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!


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