I love that story as it is so contradictory... 

 I mean, "periods of silence" = "talking out loud..."

 In which spiritual tradition?



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 So you think that Maharishi spoke through whathisname? 

 When people talked about Maharishi channeling Gurudev when he gave a lecture 
on Gurudev's behalf (at the request of the living guru, mind you), they didn't 
mean in the sense of a Western spiritual medium, as far as I know, but in the 
sense of having absorbed the message so well that it was like listening to the 
original speak.

 A subtle, but important distinction, I think.

 I know many in the TMO who firmly believe that Marshy channelled Guru Dev 
after he died. 

 The story goes that during his periods of silence TWO voices could be heard in 
M's room, one was the reesh and the other [shock horror] was SBS - unless he 
was talking to the pizza delivery guy about bringing him a newspaper and a 
movie next time.

 People love this stuff, it's a link between someone they like to think of as 
perfectly humble and someone they respect ultimately.  It's divine blessing for 
whatever Marshy said in his 12th Jan address. The rest of them thought that 
what he said was perfect anyway and would spend years justifying it and looking 
back to see why he was right.

 Maybe Marshy  could speak to us via George Hammond  every Jan 12th and we 
could start the fun again. I'll get my sleeping bag ready....



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 That talk was spiritually inspired. Worth taking note of,  -Buck 
 rick wrote : This is starting in a little while:
 http://www.30thnovember.com/live/ http://www.30thnovember.com/live/

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