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You did such a good job of commenting on your notes, Curtis, that I thought I'd 
go back to one of mine.

Early on, one of the things I noticed is that George was such a TB that he 
didn't seem to have any problem with how CREEPY one of the things he wants us 
to believe about Maharishi is. That is, that he spent two years after he'd 
figured out that he was dead but not "a drop returned to the ocean" like he'd 
expected to be STALKING his "early students" and "looking over their shoulders" 
at everything they were doing. To George, this is somehow comforting. To others 
brought up more on classic Tibetan tales of the "angry ghost" stage of the 
Bardo, it is a bit less so. 
No wonder so many TMer get off on stalking. Like teacher, like student.

Clearly the early teachers are feeling left out and reckon they could be doing 
a better job than the talentless zombies that are running things at the moment, 
they've all got so little charisma themselves they've had to buy it in from 
David Lynch!
I think there should be a new/old movement with George at the helm and it would 
do well as he could channel Marshy and get back up from Allah and Jehovah where 
necessary. Talk about getting it straight from the horses mouth! No need for 
old tapes any more and the embarrassment of the Marshy channel. This is cutting 
edge spirituality.

I think they ought to go *really* cutting edge and skip all this old-fashioned 
giving-lectures-to-people-in-meeting-rooms shit. THE MOVEMENT, as described by 
George, are clearly the spiritual rock stars of the universe, so *that's what 
they should be*. Skip the small shit, form a band, hire some roadies, and take 
their act directly to the stadiums. In America, because most people wouldn't 
give a shit about Maharishi and Guru Dev, the "front man" would clearly have to 
be Jesus:

This guy could be Jehovah / Allah:

And don't write this off as a bad idea without giving it some thought. After 
all, it's been done before:

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Live Stream | 30th November
 OK so I went. got to hang out  with Jerry and Debbie a bit. That was a nice 
nostalgia buzz.

I got to ask George (the presenter) my most politely posed question about why 
this was the chosen method of transmission if it pretty much excluded anyone in 
the movement or any person not just inclined to take his word on faith alone 
from taking the message seriously. I listened to his answer. They served a nice 
little lunch and I met some old friends.

No boats are gunna rock over this, is my psychic prediction. He threw in about 
3 too many famous personal incarnations. A pressing of a vanity CD for a rich 

Did I mention the lunch? Even had goat cheese and some nice real fresh 

The Holy Tradition doesn't want us to be afraid about anything. They said so 
themselves through George.

Were you afraid before you heard that? I was a little afraid we would never get 
lunch cuz he talked for 3 hours straight. I took 9 pages of notes. When we did 
get to lunch finally, after pissing for almost 5 minutes (did the folks on the 
other side of death forget about aging bladders and enlarged prostates?) I was 
delighted to find that the mozzarella sandwiches has a pesto spread and some 
olive oil soaked sun dried tomatoes. I hoovered in two of them as well as a 
turkey one and then stuffed two more in my bag Rodney Dangerfield style for 
later. There was  a shit load of these little sandwiches because the movement 
told about 400 people who signed up that if they came something bad would 
happen. I didn't get the details, I just got some of their sandwiches.

I'm glad I had a chance to shake the guy's hand and see him try to get around 
my question up close. It wasn't exactly new information, but I wanted to give 
him every chance I could to provide a better bridge for those of us who don't 
hang out with Jesus and Jehova (who is Allah) and Guru Dev (who said we don't 
need to say Jai Guru Dev anymore) and Shankara (who wants this to be the last 
of the Shanks in India.) Services no longer needed.

There will be no more incarnations or masters coming to earth, now in the new 
spiritual democracy they will just come back as your friend and show you this 
tape of George talking and talking, and talking.

I mentioned the pesto right, because that really sets the whole thing off. You 
got yer mildly bland moz and the tart sun dried tom, and you need some herbal 
glue to link them and that is the aromatic pesto. It really is a must for this 
kind of sandwich. I wish I had made off with 5 more, they were slider sized and 
I could have slide that many down after the lecture easily.

No one merges with the absolute after death much to Maharishi's surprise. No 
one. He was sad that he had put his organization over his friends in the 
movement. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge Mr. J)

If you close your eyes and experience your self as light then you can teach 
anything you want to help people turn within and know themselves, but if you 
teach TM, follow their rules. (Surprisingly Guru Dev doesn't think the puja is 
necessary anymore.

Crudite. They had snow peas and blanched asparagus done right, crisp and bright 
green like they had plunged them in ice water after blanching. Badass caterers. 
Wish I had hoovered up more of them. No browns spots on anything, just prime 
cut green delight done right. I have more of a reverence for good food over 
dead guys, could ya tell?

He had been Brighu who was also Maharishi's dad because in that incarnation 
Maharishi was his son. So he was both parlaying Maharishi's authority for all 
this, while sort of showing up as having been in a superior position to him at 
one time. Maharishi was John the Baptist and had a misunderstanding with Jesus 
on the game plan which they have patched up in the after life. They do a lot of 
walk and talk in the after life.
Heaven is a place where you rest. It doesn't seem like the enlightenment model 
fits in to the "reality" Maharishi discovered on the other side. We are not 
getting off any wheel of karma. We have a lot of talking to look forward to. 
And listening. A lot of talking and listening and he didn't even mention 
anything about the heavenly caterers, so I am not signing up yet. I need to see 
a menu.

No one has seen God over there.(this came out in the questions)

He was Plato and Pythagoras and Mark Twain (who would have NONE of this if you 
ask me)
He was a bunch of other famous people and ONE servant to a famous person. (nice 
humble touch but too little too late IMO)
There was a lot of discussion about who was who in the Bible through many 
Many, many incarnations.
I reallllllly had to pee.

So after lunch I go back for something sweet and they had some very nice 
blackberries which are expensive, but zero chocolate, imagine that? No tiny 
little lemon tarts without too much sugar that make your mouth pucker at first 
and then you realized the perfection of facing the sour with just enough butter 
in the crust and sugar to take the edge off. Just enough. I'll bet this caterer 
would get these right if they had been ordered. Why hadn't they been ordered? 
Hasn't anyone on the other side ever eaten a perfect lemon tart? Indians! (with 
my fist raised to the sky Jerry Seinfeld style when he says: "Newman!")

There are no more rules now including rules about sex. You can do anything and 
it will have zero impact on your spiritual future. I was about to pull out my 
little master and put it to the test but he reminded us that society still had 
rules. Plus full bladder self love is not great anyway.

Afterwards I asked him my question about the missing epistemological ramp for 
all this.
His answer made my mind drift back to the little pillow sandwiches, no doubt 
being dumped into a trash can. All the perfect little asparagus spears, the 
snow peas, the goat cheese for God's sake.

The F'ing goat cheese!

With sandwiches and crudites done right, and old movement friends, great day.
If they even omitted the pesto...

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I'm just not buying it.   

The guy comes off as a "normal channeler" -- gift of gab, imaginative, and self 

Deluded how?

Deluded that a "dream" is a real communication.

Not that the dream can't be spot on and synchronistic. 

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