On 11/30/2014 9:00 PM, Share Long wrote:
I remember two times when the camera zoomed in on Jerry in the audience. Once he had his eyes closed and once he looked like he was listening very intently.
/Jerry Jarvis was my initiator at the first SIMS course back in 1967. /

WRT Seraphita, I simply meant that you referred to me as the only woman left on FFL.
/Seraphita gender has not been established, and it matters not anyway - everyone should be offended at the recent graphic image posted by Salya - he should apologize to the entire group, if he has any sense of decency. Or, the moderators should post a warning to him at least that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated./
Hopefully I'll get a chance tomorrow to post my notes.
/At present this would probably be a waste of time and effort on FFL - you would probably make better use of your time by posting this information to The Peak or some other TM oriented Yahoo forum. This forum is no longer friendly to TMers - in fact, it is hostile.

You're much too good to be posting here, Share./

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On 11/30/2014 8:00 PM, Share Long wrote:
> Richard, what about Seraphita?
I've got no problem with the Seraphita, Share.

It's some of the other informants that I have a problem with for posting
offensive comments to the group showing their gender bias and for
attempting to turn the forum into an discussion suitable only for
adults. I can ignore most of the abusive personal comments, but my
ex-wife in California has forbidden two of my minor grandchildren from
reading this site, due to the graphic nature of some of their comments
and posting of sexually explicit images and at times, perverted comments.

This is supposed to be a family-oriented site, not a place to post

Rick and Alex know I am in the right on this - I don't know why they are
ignoring my requests to stop the abuse. If Rick continues to ignore my
request to warn the offenders to desist, he will leave me with no other
recourse than to alert and forward to the Yahoo Administrators copies of
the offending posts along with a request that this forum be reclassified
as an adult only group.

All I am asking is a response and for the respondents to show some
common decency - seriously, is that too much to ask?
> Anyway, did you get a chance to listen to the George Hammond
> presentation?
No, but I am waiting for a full report from my initiator, Jerry Jarvis.


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