He said Jai Guru Dev at the end. You can tell he didn't really watch the 
presentation as we all know we don't have to do that any more.

 I wonder if anyone other than the top brass in the TMO actually watched it, 
and if they did I wonder what they thought. I think that even a hardened 
purusha would have a job believing that all the world's deities exist and are 
good friends with each other. And that they all speak through George Hammond. 
Especially with that song at the end.

 Try as I might I can't see anyone I know actually believing that Marshy would 
preach through someone other than King Tony. Because they really take his word 
as gospel just like they used to with the reesh. I bet it's that rather than 
the fact that he's dead that would stop them though.

 But I'm mailing in my yagya donation just in case....

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <mjackson74@...> wrote :

 My advanced psychic powers are enabling me to see that even now Little Johnnie 
Hagelin is composing a response to George Hammond's self indulgent 3 hour 
spiritual fantasy.

 To All Recertified Governors of the TM Movement:

 We, the leadership of the TM Movement are aware of the presentation of our 
good friend George Hammond. We feel that we must respond to certain points of 
his very nice presentation.

 First, if you are a recertified Governor, it was not a good thing for you to 
be in that room. If you watched it online, that was not a good thing either. 


 You should not have done such a thing. You have created some very bad karma 
for yourself. If you did so (and we have a list of names of those of you who 
were there) you would be well advised to take steps to mitigate such karma. 


 The best way to alleviate this karma will be to make a donation to the 
Maharishi Yagya Programme, of which I am the head honcho. 


 The donation needs to be at least $10,000, US. If you are a Recertified 
Governor of modest means, you can make monthly payments till the karma is paid 

 If you were watching this broadcast and were not a recertified Governor and 
would one day like to become recertified, you will need to make a $20,000 
donation to the yagya programme.

 As to our friend Mr. Hammond's words, be advised that you absolutely MUST do 
puja when teaching TM. 


 In essence, everything Hammond said is nonsense, except for the part about 
there being no rules for sexual behavior. That one I do agree with.

 I would write more, but we have a new batch of nubile female students coming 
on campus and I have to go make my selection, er, um I mean I need to go be a 
good ambassador to these lovely ladies.

 So Jai Guru Dev and go ahead and make out those checks to the yagya programme!

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