Son, this thread is completely off topic here. As much as you want to drag me 
back down in to the mud of this forum now with a side excursion like this one 
you are proposing to take in the place of the serious discussion of spiritual 
things like FFL could have, I feel to pass on this one so as not to further 
dilute the soup of what could be substantial discussion on FFL otherwise. Go 
away to some nutrition forum for you answer to this question and don't waste 
the time of people on FFL. 
 The trigger of the smoking gun:
 Roundup/GMO's significantly disrupts the functioning of beneficial bacteria in 
the gut and contributes to permeability of the intestinal wall and consequent 
expression of autoimmune disease symptoms - See more at:
 PS, Italians generally have a different threshold of allergic reaction in 
their guts. It is a cultural thing. Americans are too damned antiseptic in the 
way they raise their kids now and hence culture over-reactivity in immune 
systems to too many things now,

 -Buck [after morning meditation] out standing in his fields feeding livestock 
near Fairfield, Iowa

mjackson74@...> wrote :

 The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten) | The Healthy Home 
 The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten) | T...
 The real reason you need to stop eating toxic wheat even if you don't 
currently have a wheat or gluten sensitivity.

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