And he stood up the entire 3 hours. Started looking tad tired by the end.  
Curtis's food summary was terrific, the best part it seems.  Wish I had some of 

 So, when Hammond kept looking to his right,w as he supposed to be communing 
with the invisible big guys?

 Despite my concern for Hammond's mental health status, I do have to say that 
about 25 years ago I had a dream somewhat similar to the one Hammond mentioned. 
 In mine,  MMY appeared to me as a small child-sized figure  (as he did in 
Hammond's).  I approached him and as I put my arms around him, he grew to his 
normal height (as he did in Hammond's).  An image that has stayed with me. An 

 Also, from reading about Hammond it seems he has written several books over 
the years on exactly the kind of things he was mentioning -rational idealism, 
the lack of a God, atoms and physics -all sorts of things that seemed to come 
out in the presentation as the ideas of The Movement men like Shankar, Jehovah 
etc.  So it looks as if all their ideas are of the same flavor as Hammond's.   
They agree with him!! Or he has been in touch with the guys all along, his 
whole life:)

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