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                    Overturned cars in flames, the sound of
gunfire echoing throughout the city, black thugs silhouetted by
street fires as they broke and entered and looted-the lynch mob
finally got its chance in Ferguson last week.  
                    The script had been set for days.  All that
was required for cameras to roll was the grand jury report. The
mob had been irritated at the delay.  There was a sense of relief
when the verdict came down. The mob would have been disappointed
if the grand jury had held Darren Wilson guilty. 
                    As the mob set the city on fire and hunted
for whites to attack, Barack Obama appeared on split screen to
own the riot.  Issuing a perfunctory call for the rule of law, he
then fanned the flames by talking about the "deep distrust
between law enforcement and communities of color." 
                    Ferguson wasn't about police brutality, and
the President knows it. If he wanted a teachable moment this was
his opportunity. He could have talked about how blacks are 13% of
the population in America and over 50% of homicide victims; how
91 % of these victims are murdered by other blacks and how,
therefore, "communities of color" are dependent on a police
presence for survival.  He could have talked about how one
quarter of the members of the grand jury that chose not to indict
Officer Wilson were black. He could even have attacked the racist
assumption that blacks will naturally react with mindless
violence to decisions like this one; and that they alone of all
American minority groups will be exempt from censure when they
                    There are many ways a truly "post racial"
President could have spoken truth to the power of the mob that
exploded in violence in Ferguson.  But instead Barack Obama
enabled it as his racist advisor on racial affairs, Al Sharpton,
swooped into Ferguson to pour gasoline on the flames. 
                    What happened Monday night is the latest
example of the disturbing reality we have been facing as a nation
since the civil rights movement was transformed into a lynch mob
under the leadership of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.   
                    With my co-author John Perazzo I have written
about these racial extortionists and the damage they've done to
America's social fabric (with African Americans their chief
victim) in "Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream." 
                    This pamphlet explains why lynch mobs such as
the one in Ferguson have become an enduring feature of American
life. I will send you a copy today for a donation of $50 or more,
and use your contribution to get copies of "Black Skin Privilege
and the American Dream" into the hands of politicians, members of
the media and opinion makers across the country.  
                    "Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream"
uses crime statistics to tell the hard truths about race in
America today.  It shows how, like the racial injustice against
blacks in the past, the racial injustice that is today enforced
on behalf of blacks has damaged them as well as the country as a
whole. It has empowered malice and sown resentment and ensured
that racial conflict continues half a century after the 1964
Civil Rights Acts broke down racial barriers.  
                    Please help me get the truth about Ferguson
into public view. Send your tax-deductible contribution of $50 or
more to the Freedom Center and I'll send you "Black Skin
Privilege and the American Dream"and use your donation to get
this pamphlet into the hands of people who need to hear the
truths about why lynch mobs are allowed to operate freely in our
country today. 
                    Thank you in advance for your continued
                    David Horowitz                                        
                    P.S. People who need to hear the truth about
Ferguson --- and I'm counting on you to help the Freedom Center
put that into motion. Please follow this link to make an
emergency donation of $50 or more today. 
                    The David Horowitz Freedom Center, a
501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.
                    © Copyright 2014, HorowitzFreedomCenter.org

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