Thanks, that is fascinating. I think this is why John Helgelin said it sounded 
more like George than Maharishi when he heard some of the message.

There was a moment when he claimed that Maharishi used an analogy of driving 
your family on vacation and the car breaking down and getting upset and 
spoiling the vacation by yelling at everyone instead of just hanging out and 
enjoying yourself near your broken down car. It was supposed to be what 
happened in the movement. Maharishi would NEVER use that analogy but bunch of 
kids George sure would.

Funny how each book is one of his "incarnations." I wish he would just say: 
"hey this is my creative process, I was just F'ing with all y'all."

Somehow I think instead we are just gunna see a Brighu book in the list soon.

---In, <wayback71@...> wrote :   upper right corner has a books tab.  Books on Andrew 
the Apostle, Pythagorus, Plato, God, physics,  He has been super interested in 
all this for years. Gives speeches.  Sounds like a very successful and smart 
man with interesting interests.

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