I will leave the form tooooo much nasty hateful thought forms via here via: 
 verbiage & back biting & not enough re Fairfield IA & few good  vibes, I 
agree with Buck. Col Wm D, Leed IV, best in all till it may be cleaned  up 
Rick & all.
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Of late on  FairfieldLife it feels like that sweep of IS across Syria has 
spread and  happened over FFL as an open forum.   

The only  negative thing here now is Willytex, can you take him with you 
when you visit  Jimbo's pad tonight? 

It is now time for  meditation,

Dear Rick, I feel  really sorry for you that you are left with just this 
cesspool of negativity  from the recent separation in the FFL membership. This 
is not what we had  hoped for with the forum as we started FarifieldLife 
these many years ago at  Yahoo-groups. It is not too late to re-think this 
forum as a place for healthy  discussions to occur. I hope for a better future 
here, -Buck in the  Dome 

fleetwood_macncheese@...>  wrote :

Rick, I am sorry, but a forum where anyone  is allowed to suggest sexual 
violence AGAINST children, is not someplace I  want to be. I am truly sorry 
things have degenerated to this point. I am local  to the Yahoo corporation, 
and am considering a detailed notice to the Yahoo  administrators, including 
screen names, of this current  activity.  

Barry makes one excuse after another, about  using this foul, sexually 
perverted, and unbalanced voice, and is clearly not  well. This is no longer a 
healthy environment for anyone to participate  in. 

I am all for dif fering opinions on here,  but you have allowed one 
individual's mental illness to co-opt what could be a  fun place to hang out, 
and I 
guess I am one of the casualties. See  ya!!

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