Title: Re: What's your dosha?
From Blaine Watson:

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Conversation: [FairfieldLife] what's your dosha?
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Vaidya Mishra is starting correspondence courses in January, www.vaidyamishra.com is the website with contact info. His is a traditional, i.e., from father to son, ayurveda as opposed to college trained. He has had 6 1/2 years of ayurvedic college but followed it with 7 years with his father.  This traditional practice of ayurveda is not doshic ayurveda as we know it. It is pre-buddhist and so includes the knowledge of surgical technique with no reliance up on heavy metal formulations.  It is all taught from the sutras of charaka and sushruta and bhav prakash and is therefore totally authentic. He describes the courses as ‘sutra to science’ since he has also a complete understanding of allopathy he is in a perfect position to relate this most ancient understanding of ayurveda to modern thought.  His family tradition is dermatology so he is expert in all 8 branches of ayurveda. The family pulse diagnosis technique for example has 9 gaps rather than the usual 7 with the 9th gap falling directly onto the soul so you can tell which of the 16 different types of soul the person has as per charaka’s description.  He is reasonably priced and likes to teach in a traditional teacher/student way even by correspondence.

From: Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Conversation: [FairfieldLife] what's your dosha?
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Care to chime in on this discussion on FairfieldLife? You can forward it
through me if you don't want to post directly.

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On Nov 20, 2005, at 5:20 PM, bdadvaitin wrote:

> Hello, I'm a new member.  Was a first year student at MIU back
> in 19750-1976.  Also lived in Fairfield for a couple of years
> around 1982-1984. Only name I recognize so far is Dana Sawyer.
> Where is he now? And what a change in Charlie Lutes.  Last time
> I met him was at the Cambridge TM center.  Is he on the inside or
> outside the TMO?  I am considering a career change and want to join
> the preventative health field.  Would like to pursue ayurveda training
> long distance.  Can anyone offer some insight on this for me? JGD

I took Robbie Svoboda's correspondence course years ago--and back
then there was little else. Of course it only gave you theory. For
clinical knowledge you had to attend classes at the Ayurvedic Institute.

Now you have many more options, but most will involve hands on study.
I think the best program I have heard of is at Bastyr in Seattle.
They actually have a set up with Ayurvedic colleges in India so you
can do some practicum in India. Dave Matthew's wife recently
graduated from there IIRC.

There is also, from what I have heard, some excellent (perhaps the
best) Ayurvedic teaching coming from Vaidya Mishra--but as far as I
know he offers no correspondence courses.

There is also a four year Tibetan Medicine program in Mass.

The problem with Ayurvedic certification in this country is that last
I heard you cannot get reimbursement from insurance companies--
Chinese medicine is the only modality which would allow that.

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